Our Mission

The mission of the Qatar Academy Al Khor Library Learning Commons is to support the ability of QAK learners to think critically as compassionate and principled global citizens. In support of that mission, our goal is to create a Learning Commons that supports and energizes reading, inquiry, multiliteracies, approaches to learning and teaching, and development of the learner profile. 


In connection with the IB Learner Profile, our goal is for our students to become

  • Knowledgeable communicators
  • Caring inquirers and thinkers
  • Balanced, reflective learners

who can

  • Access and organize
  • Create and communicate
  • Analyze evaluate and reflect

The Library Learning Commons team inspires

  • By providing a suitable team environment in which learning and creativity are encouraged
  • By contributing, in a positive and enthusiastic way, to school life


  • By collaborating with teaching colleagues to create the best educational experiences and opportunities for all students
  • By staying abreast of innovative technologies which impact the needs of our Community


  • By providing resources and expertise to the QAK Learning Community
  • By guiding the access and use of these resources
  • By providing support and supervision to individual students in their inquiries, assignments, and projects.