About QAK



Our mission at Qatar Academy Al Khor is to create a safe yet dynamic learning environment that inspires innovation. QAK empowers learners to think critically as compassionate and principled global citizens grounded in Arab values while celebrating Qatari National heritage and culture. 



Our vision at Qatar Academy Al Khor is to empower students to be open-minded, inquiring and knowledgeable life-long learners who are able to adapt to an ever-changing world through intercultural understanding and respect.

We envision our future leaders as courageous problem-solvers who will make a positive difference to the world.



Qatar Academy Al Khor aims to meet the educational needs and expectations of students and to provide them with opportunities to reach their full potential by:

  • Achieving academic excellence through varied teaching and learning strategies.
  • Offering internationally recognized syllabi.
  • Providing for and maintaining the highest standards through continuous evaluation and improvement programs.
  • Providing opportunities for a balanced development among the academic, physical, esthetic, social, and cultural aspects.
  • Providing consistently challenging targets, so that each student realizes his/her full potential.
  • Promoting tolerance and appreciation of various cultures, traditions, and values.
  • Providing a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Encouraging the virtues of self-respect and respect of others.
  • Embracing and utilizing information communication technology.
  • Providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • Promoting communication and collaboration among parents, students, school, and community.
  • Promoting effective management committed to the development and improvement of all people in the school.