Director's Message

Welcome to the Qatar Academy Al Khor Website!

Our vision aims “to empower our students to be open-minded, inquiring and knowledgeable life-long learners who are able to adapt to an ever-changing world through intercultural understanding and respect”. A vision we strive to live by on a daily basis!

As an IB World School, students anchor their learning in both local and international contexts. They are empowered to develop Qatari values and traditions while having access to a global education. They develop their academic competencies in both Arabic and English, with an emphasis on “learning how to learn” and developing skills as lifelong learners.

We currently serve 1241 students and aim to increase our enrollment to serve a larger number of learners. By choosing QAK, you and your children will become part of our growing family, supported by a team of dedicated and passionate educators and staff, that put your child’s learning and wellbeing at the center of what they do every day! 

QAK’s state-of-the-art campus and facilities enhances the learning of our students. Diverse enviable resources and the expertise necessary to assist your child(ren) to reach their fullest potential, the opportunities at QAK are endless!

Many predict that 2020-2021 will be a school year that history will associate with words such as, “pandemic, COVID-19, remote learning, lockdown, economic crisis, etc.” It is true that this year has thrown challenges and uncertainties at us, yet, during that process, we, children and adults, have developed valuable skills, such as, resilience and the ability to learn and problem-solve in highly stressful situations.

Online learning was surely the topic of the year, in the educational field! At QAK, the leadership team stepped up to the challenge by developing an online and blended infrastructure, that ensured quality learning for our children. Though faced with many challenges, this action allowed teachers and students to continue their educational journey uninterrupted. Even virtually, many initiatives continued online, further highlighting the importance of our local culture and values.

QAK’s mission will always be to continue developing young graduates and future leaders of our beloved Qatar who are “empowered to think critically as compassionate and principled global citizens grounded in Arab values while celebrating Qatari national heritage and culture” (QAK's Mission Statement).


On behalf of our QAK community, we thank you for your interest and look forward to welcoming you into our family!


Lina Mouchantaf