The QAK academic programs are designed to meet the national requirement and international standards. Hence, QAK uses different approaches to teaching and learning applying the concept-based and inquiry-based curriculum in an effort to provide students with content knowledge as well as engage them with inquiries and develop their awareness of the world around them.

The past five years were very productive for QAK Administration, Faculty and Staff who worked towards achieving two important goals, namely, MSA Accreditation (2013) and MYP Authorization (2014). In order to earn Accreditation and Authorization, the school has to put in place rigorous educational programs and successfully align their content with the standards/objectives.

QAK started small in 2008 and has been growing one grade level each year. The school is divided now into three levels: Kindergarten (KG1 and KG2), Elementary (Grades 1 to 5), and Middle School (6 to 10). Grade, 11 and 12 will be consecutively added in the coming two years.

The programs in the Kindergarten and Elementary levels are based on national and international standards

The MYP/IB program is being implemented in the Middle School and the DP/IB will be implemented in the Senior School. The IB Learner Profile attributes are the core of the teaching/ learning process to ensure the development of well-rounded students and long-life learners.

Assessment and Achievement

Assessment is an on going process at QAK. Teachers use a variety of techniques including Formative and Summative assessments. They test students’ knowledge and skills through observations, written assessments, journals, reports, projects, presentations, practical work, and many other means. Students’ social and work habits or ATL skills are also assessed, as they are considered as equally important in building independent life-long learners.

Progress reports are issued 3 times a year at the Kindergarten and Elementary levels. Grade reports are issued twice a year by the end of each semester in the Middle and Senior schools. Moreover, mid-term reports are issued twice in the middle of each semester in the Middle School and Senior schools where teachers meet with parents to follow up on the progress of their children.

Assessment at the primary levels use the grading points from 2 to 7 while in the Middle School the IB grading and evaluation system is applied.