Elementary School

Through the Primary Years Program, Qatar Academy Al Khor aims to develop an inquiry-based learning program that focuses on the individual needs of the students in a caring and supportive environment.   Children are encouraged to be independent learners, to think, create, and solve problems with the guidance of teachers who understand the different abilities and learning styles of their students.  QAK provides a balanced academic program that incorporates reading, writing and speaking in Arabic and English in addition to the other major subjects.  Students are involved in sports and after school activities that support holistic learning, transfer of skills, and the development of the whole child.

Students are encouraged to make connections with their own personal experiences and to be active participants in their own learning.  The Elementary program sets standards that encourage students to learn and develop to their highest potential.  In addition, the program helps prepare students to meet the rigorous expectations of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program in grades 6-10.