Middle School News

10th May 2017
Raising Awareness About Autism
Treasure Hunt
7th May 2017
Grade 7 Art Trip
Picasso and Giacometti
7th May 2017
Junior MUN 2017
The Delegates of Mexico
2nd May 2017
Grade 6 Art Trip
Geometry in Arts
2nd May 2017
QAK Visit to the Mexican Embassy
Meeting the Mexican Ambassador
27th April 2017
National Subjects Day
Stage Performances and Product Exhibition
25th April 2017
Dr. Jemison sharing her experience with QAK students
Lunch with Dr. Jemison
10th April 2017
Field Trip to the Education City Mosque
Geometrical Shapes in Islam
16th March 2017
Pi Day
World Maths Day
13th March 2017
SHAMS Project
Creativity and Innovation