College Placement

The University Advising program at Qatar Academy Al Khor provides all the students the necessary knowledge and understanding of the university application and admission requirements. With close collaboration and communication with the universities of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (Qatar Foundation Education City), the students at QAK are exposed to different specializations and unlimited opportunities that are available to them through individual as well as group counseling sessions.

The program extends over 4 years starting with grade 9 students through grade 12. It primarily aims at helping individual students make an informed decision about choosing a university major that aligns with his or her interests and future educational plans.

Through the program, the university advisor with the DP coordinator and subject teachers guide students to prepare for the course selections, standardized entrance exams, college essay writing and résumé preparation.

Being a member of Qatar Foundation, Qatar Academy Al Khor is privileged with comprehensive and extensive resources. Students at the high school level have the access and opportunity to investigate about different universities both nationally at HBKU and Qatar University and abroad in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada

Qatar Academy AL Khor believes that the parents have a critical voice in the choice of student’s higher education. By having in mind the economical, cultural and educational needs of the state of Qatar, they are an added value to bring their contribution in the student’s educational journey.

Hovig Demirjian
University Advisor,
Qatar Academy Al-Khor