Counseling Service

QAK provides students with the services of two school counselors, one at the elementary level and one for the middle school and high school. The Counseling Department is there to provide support for students who are having difficulties with friends, schoolwork, and are worried about life’s little issues.

Listening is the most important job a counselor can do as it is through hearing what a student is going through that a counselor may then provide strategies and plans on the best ways to address the student’s concerns.

Students may be referred by teachers or administration, their parents or they may seek an appointment themselves to discuss and work on improving issues that may be creating an interference in their academic or personal life.

In addition the Counseling Department supports and takes an active role in such programs as PEACE DAY, THINK PINK (cancer awareness and fundraising for the National Cancer Society), CAREER DAYS, ORIENTATION FOR NEW STUDENTS, and PARENT COFFEE MORNINGS.

PARENT COFFEE MORNINGS are held two or three times a year in an effort to meet with the parents and offer a program of informative talks and presentations by guest speakers and leading staff members on a variety of topics that deal with the health, nutrition, academic programs, literacy, and growth and development of their child.

The CAREER DAYS is dedicated to providing the students at all levels with exposure to the sort of jobs and careers that they might wish to follow upon completion of their academic studies. Guest speakers, field trips to different services and industries, and individual research into a career path are some of the ways and means to encourage the students at QAK to begin their plans for future aspirations in the world of work.